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How To Make Entrepreneur Assessment Survey

Entrepreneur Assessment Survey

 Entrepreneur Assessment Survey

Take a moment to analyze yourself before starting your own business. This small self-diagnostic test can be your guide.

Choose one of the "Yes", "No" or "Undecided" options to answer each question. Keep a list of the answers with you. After completing the answers. Compare your answers with those given below.

Please answer each question according to your first choice.
  1. Do you have any motivation to achieve life's goals?
  2. Do you consider yourself to be one of the losers?
  3. Do your childhood friends describe you as someone who can't cope with adversity?
  4. Have you ever persuaded others to help you reach your goals?
  5. Do you want to make this world a better place? Is this desire stronger than the desire to make money?
  6. Have you ever considered becoming an entrepreneur?
  7. Have you ever wondered what kind of legacy you would like to leave behind?
  8. When you try to build support for a cause, do you ever start by identifying people who are friendly to your cause?
  9. If you're busy with work or school deadlines, would you change the deadline of starting your new business?
  10. Will you consider the results of this test in your final decision to become an entrepreneur?

Now, please number each answer.

"Yes", "No", and "Undecided ".

The numbers 1-10 below are the answers and numbers for the top ten questions. Make your points according to them
  1. 10 points for "yes", and 0 points for "no" and "undecided ".   The first step in starting a new business is to have a big motive for the mission of your new business plan.
  2. 10 points for "No", and 0 points for "Yes" and "Undecided".  You need more than luck to succeed in business, and you need to be competitive.
  3. 10 points for "No", and 0 points for "Yes" and "Undecided". It reflects your track record of dealing with difficulties. Your friends will surely know your abilities.
  4. 10 points for "yes", and 0 points for "no" and "undecided". The new business plan at the initial stage has limited funds. Then, they cannot afford expert staff. If you can persuade people, you can hire good staff at low pay.
  5. 10 points for "yes", and 0 points for "no" and "undecided". The goal of business people is to make money. They make it a top priority. When you start a business, prefer to increase social wealth instead of personal wealth, then the results will be good.
  6. 10 points for "yes", and 0 points for "no" and "undecided". The entrepreneurial mindset is very important before starting a business. Starting a new business requires hard work and commitment.
  7. 10 points for "yes", and 0 points for "no" and "undecided". At first, you may not have thought about what kind of legacy you want to leave, but you should think about it now. If you work hard to make the world a better place and want to be a role model for others, you will be a hero in the business world.
  8. 10 points for "yes", and 0 points for "no" and "undecided". A successful entrepreneur must have the ability to build surviving and meaningful relationships with others. It's hard to be a good entrepreneur without it.
  9. 10 points for "No", and 0 points for "Yes" and "Undecided". This is a difficult question. An honest and organized person will never sacrifice anything important. Businesses need honesty and discipline.
  10. 10 points for "No", and 0 points for "Yes" and "Undecided". If you want to be a business person you don't need any survey or test. A good businessman makes his own decisions and depends on his courage. You don't have to tell anyone how much potential you have and what you can do.

Characteristics of business mentality.

It is important to know if you have a business mindset.
Review the following characteristics and compare yourself with them. If you have these qualities, add one point to each good in your score.

Human friend

How much do you take part in activities that serve humanity?. These include the activities of religious, political, and welfare organizations. These activities should be for the clear purpose of serving humanity.


Must have the ability to form an opinion on future business conditions and plans. Prepare accordingly with imagination, analysis, and foresight.

Based on values

Must have leadership skills. Respect for law, ethics, concern, and honesty are the basic characteristics.

Based on change

Pose leadership. Do everything in a new way, out of tradition. Keep up the new things and keep always to try a change.


Must have the ability to persuade others.
Achieving goals requires the ability to persuade and support others.


Must have the ability to maintain constant focus and concentration to carry out his mission and plan.


It is important to work hard on new business missions and goals.


Achieving business goals requires constant effort and perseverance, which requires staying active at all times.
Starting a new business can be a daunting task. Constant energetic behave is needed to deal with these problems.

Ask someone who has known you since childhood,
how many business qualities do you think I have?

In the light of its answers, add a number to your score for each positive answer.

You will also need to score ten for this question.

If the answer to a question is different from what you think of yourself, then you must think about why people think differently of me.

It is also possible that people think you are right or that you have changed yourself.


A score of 110-120 may mean that you know you have the potential to become a good entrepreneur. You should start working on a definite plan to make your dreams come true.

A score of 90-109 could mean you want to be an entrepreneur, and you need to think about that further.

A score of 89 or less may mean that you lack the business mindset to become a good entrepreneur.

 Remember that this survey and test report are not final.  You know yourself better and can make better decisions about yourself.

 This test is for guidance only.

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